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The CxO Show: S1 E1 with Chris Howard at LACE Partners

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The CxO Show Podcast: The impact of poor sales & marketing alignment Hear from Chris Howard, Marketing Director at LACE Partners and Joe Birkedale, CEO of Project36 as they discuss the impact of poor sales and marketing alignment on lead conversion. Podcast (Audio only) Watch Episode Transcript Joe Birkedale

Why Digital Transformation isn’t a tech project

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Working with senior executives, business leaders, investors and owners in organisations across a wide range of sectors and many parts of the world, to build and implement powerful brands and growth-generating strategies that align their organisations to the opportunities of the digital economy. Why Digital Transformation isn’t a tech project. I’ve highlighted innumerable times, there

Progressive Contracts

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Legal Eagles. One of the things they didn’t teach me at school was how to read a contract. Whilst I’ve never used trigonometry, chemistry or ‘how to climb a rope’ in my adult life, the need to read legally binding documents crops up very frequently, and now I’m managing my own business as an independent strategy and

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