The CxO Show - The podcast for C-suite sales and marketing leaders.

The Podcast for the sales & marketing C-suite

Sales and marketing is a tough gig. Clients are transient, difficult to penetrate and hard to please. Retention is tougher still. Yet the world of sales and marketing has given rise to some of the most creative, tenacious campaigns ever created. The CxO show is dedicated to those brave souls that practice their craft in businesses toughest crowd.

Designed for you; C-suite sales and marketing professionals, the CxO show is for those that are seeking to address pain-points in their working life. Each episode identifies a new pain in the life of a sales or marketing leaders life and guest speakers debate the pain, and the steps you can take to resolve it; as well as providing some helpful resources that are designed to enliven and empower your future sales and marketing campaigns along the way.

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S1 E1: The impact of poor sales & marketing alignment on lead conversion.

Hear from Chris Howard, Marketing Director at LACE Partners and Joe Birkedale, CEO of Project36 as they discuss the impact of poor sales and marketing alignment on lead conversion.