Meet the Member: Gemma Luck – Account Director & Founder Member at Project36.

‘Meet the Member’ is a chance to get closer to some of the members that make up the deep talent pool at Project36. In this post we’re talking to Gemma Luck; Account Director and Founder Member of Project36.

Hello, I’m Gemma – Account Director at Project36, mum of four and (I like to think) semi-professional plate spinner!

I joined the Project 36 team in March 2018, but I’ve worked with Joe since way back in 2012. Initially, as his client and now as part of his team. When Joe first shared his vision for Project36 with me I thought, wow! – The principle of delivering client’s expectations in a shifting landscape, matching their needs and projects to a talent pool of experts that far reaches those that exist in a traditional agency set up made absolute sense.

Good Times

As a member of the Project36 team, I get to work with some amazing clients from an array of industries alongside some of the best creative talent in the business.

As Account Director I add value to the Project36 team in a project management capacity, having a skill set that recognises the importance of each client’s campaign elements and directing the deliverables to a talent pool of experts in their field.

Gemma Luck
Gemma LuckAccount Director & Founder Member
Experienced, senior marketing professional with 12+ years of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer experience.

Your On Demand Account Director & Project Lead

Gemma will manage all the working parts of your campaign strategy and ensure no stone is left unturned in seeking out the most efficient, high-yield results and match that with impeccable account direction and team management. Gemma works with your senior team on strategy and delivery and reporting.

Talk to Gemma about: GDPR, Account Based Marketing (ABM), Inbound Marketing, Growth strategies, Data-Driven Marketing, Website development, Design, Campaign Planning and Account Management, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Brand Development, Marketing Planning, Corporate Strategy, Digital Strategy, CRM.

Contact Details

Phone: +44 (0) 121 517 03 06

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