Lead generation

Our inbound marketing service is designed to create a steady stream of leads at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Calls to action 

Calls to action (or ‘CTAs) are the instructional reference that tells the reader what to do next. CTAs are a really important part of your lead generation as CTAs persuade visitors to perform desired actions for improved conversion. 

We review and manage the entire buyer’s journey; every page of your site is optimised to ensure you are offering the right content at the right time, in the right format and frequency to drive conversion up.

Landing pages

Landing pages have a single-minded purpose, to inform and persuade a visitor to submit their details in exchange for the offer being made on the landing page. Great content isn’t enough. Your landing pages need to provide a risk-free conversion path for your buyers.

Messaging & live chat

Engage website visitors and provide direct contact with your sales team with easy to use messaging tools, and live chat that your prospects – and teams, will love. From educating your sales team, build automated chat sequences (chat-bots) and getting everything up and running – Project36 can take care of it all.

Our approach to lead generation

Lead generation is the culmination of your content marketing efforts. Leads are the lifeblood of your sales teams and the product of your marketing efforts. We respect that. Our bespoke inbound strategies are created for your specific business in mind. Included are all plans for lead generation, content and conversion offers and everything is aligned to the various stages of your customers’ buying journey.

Let’s Work Together


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