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HubSpot Sales Hub: The sales platform sales teams love and sales leaders demand.

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Powerfully brilliant.

Built on the HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Sales Hub gives your salespeople a familiar interface but with the added power to manage fully configurable and reportable deals and sales pipelines.

Create high quality, digitally signed quotes, manage price lists, and integrate payment gateways.

HubSpot Sales Hub helps your sales team build deeper, more valuable connections with prospects and customers. Automate repeating processes, bring consistency to communication and optimise the timing of every interaction.

Inbox automation

With template messages, a document library, scheduled sends and sequences, HubSpot Sales Hub boosts the efficiency and capability of your sales teams. With team, pipeline and deal reporting and dashboarding built-in. Sales leaders love HubSpot Sales Hub too.

We can help you audit and refine your sales communications, develop your sales processes and pipelines, populate your documents repository and build sequences in concert with your sales team.

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Book more meetings

The HubSpot meetings app, included with HubSpot Sales Hub, fast tracks meeting booking by giving prospects direct and secure access to available time in your sales team’s calendars, removing the awkward back-and-forth of availability emails. HubSpot Sales keeps the momentum going.

As part of your HubSpot Sales onboarding, Project36 will help your sales team configure their meetings links and show sales and marketing how and when to use them effectively.

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Messages, live chat & bots

HubSpot Sales offers live and asynchronous messaging and chatbots. So you can help prospects and customers right then and there. Engage website visitors and provide direct contact with your sales team with easy to use messaging tools, and live chat that your prospects – and teams, will love.

From educating your sales team, build automated chat sequences (chat-bots) and getting everything up and running – Project36 can take care of it all.

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Sales workflows

HubSpot Sales extends the workflow functionality of the Marketing Hub, enabling us to do more with sales and deals.

Project36 can create workflows that meet your unique needs, including assigning sales owners and triggering internal notifications and lead rotation. Including, creating deals and scheduling tasks, automating deal status, pipeline allocation, and even customer tier status are all part of our HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding process.

Our approach to HubSpot Sales setup & onboarding

Project36 can help you set up, deploy and profit from the HubSpot Sales Hub either as part of an inbound sales retainer or as a one-off project. We can also assist existing HubSpot Sales Hub customers re-align their business processes and benefit from our HubSpot Sales Hub expertise to refine and develop their workflows and processes, including refresher training or new HubSpot Sales Hub user onboarding.

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