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HubSpot CRM Hub is free and sits at the centre of the HubSpot platform ecosystem.

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Configuration & integration

With a properly selected and configured CRM, you and your organisation can enjoy a single-view of your prospect, client and supplier data and build your relationship with each.

HubSpot’s CRM is free and sits at the centre of HubSpot’s platform ecosystem.

On the one hand, HubSpot CRM is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive to operate, but on the other hand, many also find it too powerful and unwieldy. This can lead to extended time to value, or failed uptake.

Expert configuration of settings and integrations that are tailored to your organisation’s intricacies, workflows and processes can boost uptake, enhance visibility and better your customer relationship management.

Work with Project36 on HubSpot CMS setup.

We’ll set-up your CRM, specifically for your organisation. We’ll configure your deal stages precisely as you need them, we’ll correctly set weighted values and custom property, connect your sales teams inboxes, and integrate HubSpot CRM with all the third-party apps you need.

We’ll get you up and running, and seeing value, as quickly as possible.

Project36 HubSpot Solutions Partner Certified

Data migration

We are data visualisation and data sourcing specialists and regularly work with databases containing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of contacts in structured and unstructured lists.

We can prepare HubSpot to receive your data and can migrate you from any CRM with no loss of information or accuracy.

As an official Agency Partner with, we can also clean and enrich your existing data, to ensure that your data is up-to-date, accurate and enriched with sales enabling content ready to be imported into your HubSpot CRM.

Training & education

We’ve got years of experience in using HubSpot CRM for ourselves as well as setting up and implementing it for our clients and the most important element in any implementation, but often the most overlooked is training for those that are expected to use it.

Not just technical training on ‘how’ to use it, but the ‘why’ as well. We find that if training is delivered in the context of why they need to use HubSpot CRM, that uptake, time-to-value and ROI are dramatically improved.

We help instil a consistent methodology in the use of HubSpot CRM. Your sales team and any other user will be left feeling confident and capable as well as understanding the downstream implication of their action and inaction.

hubSpot lead to customer funnel for lead nurturing
HubSpot, Databox and Project36

Account-based selling

As an Account-Based Marketing agency, you’d expect us to work with and recommend an ABM suitable CRM. We do: HubSpot CRM is suitable and well placed for Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based sales implementation.

If you’re pursuing an account-based marketing strategy, or intend to in the future, your CRM needs to be aligned to it. We will turn on and set up the necessary lead scoring, account targeting, custom properties and specific reporting required to propel your ABS and ABM results from start to finish.

HubSpot CRM is suitable for One-2-One, One-to-Few and One-to-Many Account-Based Marketing campaign strategies.

You can discover more about our ABM services here.

Our approach to HubSpot CRM implementation

Our goal is to help your business drive value from HubSpot CRM as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can set up your HubSpot CRM as a stand-alone project or as a part of a sales enablement, or inbound marketing or ABM retainer.

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