Accurate, targeted data is the lifeblood of any sales or marketing campaign. Which is why Project36 uses, recommends, and supplies data.

Project36 is an official Agency partner

Official Agency Partner

As one of only a handful of Official Cognism Agency Partners, Project36 is able to search, profile and supply data to our clients on a pence-per-record basis. This approach allows clients to sample Cognism data before they need to commit to a long-term contract direct with Cognism.

Data, record-by-record

Cognism data is available to Project36 clients on a pence-per-record basis, with no search fee or additional cost.

For clients wishing to learn more about Cognism, their data or to buy directly from Cognism, should visit their website.

Search, profile & source data

From £ 0 55pence per record
Cognism & Project36

About Cognism

Cognism is a B2B lead generation, outbound automation and data processing service. They maintain a database of 5.6 billion data points, including 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies. All of which is available to Project36 clients on a pence-per-record basis.

Cognisms’ unique data asset provides B2B organisations with a GDPR compliant way of prospecting leads and enriching data.

Where does Cognism get its data?

Cognism acquires data from a variety of public and private high-quality sources. Some of the private sources include Mergent, S&P Global and Crunchbase. Other data sources include crowd-sourced and consented-in private data. 

Cognism does not use bots, scrape websites or violate other websites against their terms of service. If you feel it does please contact;

What is Cognism’s compliance status?

Cognism data asset addresses all B2B consent requirements. Cognism processes data under the grounds of “Legitimate Interest” under GDPR. They only collect or action data which is required for their own or our clients’ legitimate interests – which according to GDPR Recital 47 includes direct marketing. 

Cognism commits to compliance in every step of the B2B sales and marketing process. They ensure that only relevant and necessary data is collected.

Start your search

If you’d like to sample Cognism data on a pence-per-record basis, with no ongoing fee or monthly tie-in, then please get in touch.


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