Project36 CEO and Founder, Joe Birkedale was recently invited by the world leading prospecting and lead generation company, to join them as an expert panellist at their webinar: ‘ABM – Beyond the Hype’

ABM: Beyond the Hype

Account Based Marketing might be an industry buzzword, but what is a true ABM strategy?

In its essence an ABM strategy involves identifying high-value accounts or prospects, targeting the key stakeholders and then implementing a highly personalised marketing strategy to appeal to their specific needs.

It sounds simple but an effective ABM strategy requires a real change of thinking and is not, simply targeting key accounts.

In this live broadcast, we discussed:

  • What a good ABM campaign looks like
  • What channels you can look to use
  • What tech is out there to help
  • How you can measure the success of your ABM campaigns
  • How best to align with sales

Hear from Joe as he gives a quick and simple demo of why there are multiple personas in any buying decision:

The Webinar Speakers

Joe Birkedale
Joe Birkedale
Founder & CEO, Project36
Owen Steer
Owen Steer
ABM Specialist, Punch!
Nick Mason
Nick Mason
Founder, Turtl

Watch the full webinar – On-demand

You can watch the full webinar recording and hear from all three panellists below:

Future Purpose

In order to build a genuine, scalable, standardised marketing process of delivering net new business, globally. You need a model that can rollout. Anywhere.

Designed to help you reach your high-value ABM accounts and the prospects within them. ‘Future Purpose’ is the proprietary model from Project36 that gives you ABM campaign reach, inbound lead flow and ambient brand profile in a single, unified, campaign strategy. 

Proven to deliver, Future Purpose is a blended ABM, Inbound & Outbound marketing strategy that offers exceptional campaign reach, penetration and ROI from both high-value, low volume accounts (ABM) as well as low(er)-value, high(er) volume (inbound) lead flow. And is a model that you can pick up and apply anywhere in your organisation, in any market or territory.

The output of which is the Future Purpose Account Based Marketing (ABM) playbook that can then be built and standardised for all areas of your business to facilitate global rollout. 

Need to know more?

You are not alone. In July, we ran an in depth, invitation only, webinar on Future Purpose that was attended by senior marketing heads from across EMEA and North America. 

That webinar, is now available on-demand here: Future Purpose – ABM 

Focussing on 3 key areas, the on-demand webinar looks at the areas that will go on to dictate the ongoing success of any ABM campaign strategy:

  • Data – The role of AI & Data enrichment in ABM 
  • Strategy – Building the model for your pilot campaign 
  • Scale – Addressing how to scale up across all territories & market verticals

You can see the webinar on-demand here: Why ABM needs a Future Purpose

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