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Understand the Total Addressable Market for your product, service or solution.


We’ll give you a macro and micro focus of your Total Addressable Market and allow you to zoom in to the specific accounts that should make up your campaign audience. Build short-lists of the most appropriate target accounts and the key decision makers within them.

Use this for:

  • Identifying exact fit target accounts based on over 1000 different parameters

  • Profiling 400+ million contacts, 10 million businesses & over 5bn data points to build ultra-relevant, GDPR compliant, ABM target lists

  • Building specific, target account lists for businesses that need you

  • Discover the precise people you need to reach, with full contact information

Macro – DIscover the specific accounts, get company insights and build company short-lists for your marketing campaigns. Get a top-level view of the accounts you should be focusing on;

  • Buying Triggers – Enrich your prospect lists, to find hot prospects based on more than 20 buying triggers. Identify the best time to approach following Location Moves, Job moves, Job starts, Job ends, Company funding, Company Acquisitions, Company IPO, Event Appearances and hiring statuses.
  • Tech Stack Research – Find out what front and backend technology your prospects are using and aim your sales messages appropriately. Identify prospects using over 700 different technology solutions. Want to position a HubSpot integration? Identify prospects anywhere in the world that are using the HubSpot platform. Got a solution for SAP? – find those, and hundreds of others, too.

Micro – At a micro level, we’ll show you the specific individuals you need to focus on, we’ll also model the Decision Making Units (DMU) of your target accounts, the groups of people with direct influence on the purchasing decision, their pain-points and workplace politics that drive those decisions.

Contact information including phone numbers, postal locations, job role, title and much more, including direct-to-contact, email address.

Discover the people that make the decisions at your target accounts and build the specific database that will fuel your marketing campaigns.

Our Products

Our Product Portfolio is built on our BPAR™ methodology

Understand your total addressable market and zoom in to profile and identify target accounts and the key decision makers within them.


The perfect content and communications strategy, that is built on genuine macro and micro insight, to resonate with your target audience and drive conversion.


Proven, tailor made Inbound, Outbound and ABM programs that reach your target audience.


Value proposition development, retargeting, retention and cross-selling to existing accounts.

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