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Meet the Founder: Joe Birkedale

Meet the Founder: Joe Birkedale - Founder & CEO at Project36. Hi, I'm Joe Birkedale - Husband, Father and founder and CEO of Project36. In 2014 I set the wheels in motion to create a genuinely disruptive, global and full-service, marketing agency with people and technology at its core. Over the following 2 years, I built and crafted the business model, identified the creative teams, built the software stack, the sales proposition, the brand. And then I waited. And waited.

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About Project36

Project36 - A Cloud-based Marketing Agency. Project36 is a new breed of agency - a cloud based marketing agency. We exist to bridge the gap between brand and consumer and we do it with the world's best creative and strategic minds, connected. Headquartered in Birmingham in the UK, our agile team are in the global territories and markets you require. We are located on every continent, country, and city that you need us; We blend

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